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In this economy people are looking to travel on a budget. However, since the prices of airfare continue to climb, the easiest way to save money on travel expenses is by choosing an inexpensive hotel. Fortunately it is easier than ever to find nice cheap hotels while following a few simple steps.

Five Steps For Finding Nice Hotels On A Budget:

1. When searching for nice hotels on a budget, consumers may take advantage of websites that offer the opportunity to search for hotels within a certain price range. Some of these websites include,, and These websites not only allow to find cheap hotels, but to compare the prices of the hotels in the area. In addition, customers can actually book hotel rooms through these websites.

2. While using the above websites to find a cheap hotel, it is advisable to check each specific hotel’s website for current specials. If no specials are listed on the website, simply call the hotel directly and ask if they are offering any pricing specials or other deals. Many hotels are willing to negotiate prices with customers that take the time to ask directly. This is especially true for customers who intend to stay for an extended period.

3. When booking a hotel, compare the price of rooms throughout the week. Hotels in popular vacation spots may offer lower prices throughout the week, than what is offered during the weekend. This is also true for the time of year. The prices of rooms will rise during peak seasons, including the summer and holiday seasons.

4. After you have gotten a good idea of the hotels in a specific city and the price range in which they are offered, it is then time to determine which hotels provide a pleasant atmosphere. This can be accomplished by browsing a variety of customer reviews. offers a large number of honest reviews written by previous customers, which can supply a great deal of insight as to how nice the hotel really is.

5. Websites like and are also great resources when searching for nice cheap hotels. These websites allow customers to select a price range and star rating and receive a number of hotel options in the specific area. While customers are unaware of the specific hotel until they book a room, they are offered great prices for booking rooms from these websites.

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